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Totem animals speak to our soul. They allow us to tap into amazing energies, travel to far of places and view the world in a whole new way.

Known for their long lives and calm demeanor, turtles represent wisdom, perseverance and longevity. In fact, many native american trives beleive that the entire world was formed on the back of a giant greaet turtle.

This months box has been created as a reminder to stay true, even as the world and circumstacnes around us change. Turtle wisdom encourages us to see what most problems are - tiny bumps on the long road of life.

In this month’s box you will find:

Turtle Crystal Grid - Turtle crystal grid. A stamped canvas with a stitched crystal grid, perfect for your altar, by your bed or anywhere you want to bring in that amazing turtle spirit energy

Salt Bath Experience - Packed with epsom, dead sea, magnesium and pink salts as well as a essential oil bomb and two quartz points to create a grounding bath, giving you 10 minutes for yourself to allow ideas to spark and worries melt away.

Wood Wick Intention Candle - Part of the intention kit along with the bracelet, created to help you set your intentions this month.

Inspiration bracelet - Set your intentions this month with a simple pink opal wish bracelet. Designed to be worn throughout the month and fall of naturally when the magic has been worked.

3 Hand-rolled Incense Cones - Now a main part of your monthly intention kit, created with sage, herbs and resins to create a cleansing smoke for your crystals, home and anything else you want to charge with the theme this month.

3 Crystal Soy Wax Melts - We listened to the feedback and now every month along with incense cones we will include wax melts with a matching blend of essential oils and botanicals with an organic soy wax base. Perfect if you don’t like or can not burn sage / incense.

And most importantly three crystals picked that remind of the chill of the deep blue sea, the sounds of the waves crashing and the sun on my skin without a care in the world.