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The Stars

This month’s box was inspired by a revisit to a very special place near to me, with no electricity for miles and miles at night you see the sky in its full beauty. It's not often I envy our ancestors, but with no real light pollution I can't imagine how amazing the stars looked to them.

I know we are a limited box, but this month it's crazy limited because of the bracelet this month. Eek!

In this month’s box you will find:

Astrology Disk - Clay dish marked with the zodiac signs, perfect for altar work, mapping birth planets and as a meditation tool.

Nebula Pendant - Carry the stars with you, with a hidden quartz point inside.

Wood Wick Intention Candle - Part of the intention kit along with the bracelet, created to help you set your intentions this month.

Moldavite & Labradorite Inspiration bracelet - Yep Moldavite, a meteor that fell from orions belt and provided us with a kick arse, full force heart healer and this month it's going to make sure you're being your best you.

3 Hand-rolled Incense Cones - Now a main part of your monthly intention kit, created with sage, herbs and resins to create a cleansing smoke for your crystals, home and anything else you want to charge with the theme this month.

3 Crystal Soy Wax Melts - Made with organic soy wax and scented with essential oils, gem essences and maybe a little glitter, because glitter makes everything better.

And most importantly three crystals picked that connect, explore and embrace.