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As reviewed by Laura Daligan

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The Box


I love these boxes so so much! Sometimes I see pictures of the

huge witches boxes - then I am even more happy about my

subscription to this small box with the most familiar vibes

and personal, heartfelt ingredients.

There are always 3 stones, a smudge stick and something hand made (one month it was teeny runes from clay!). This is by far the least kitchy, and best value box I've gotten, and I plan to continue.

Merlin‘s Beard! What a beautiful box. That coin there, do you see it? It‘s handcrafted and so detailed. The colour looks like real copper. I want to punch a hole through it or glue a clasp on the back and wear it like that.And the tiny runes! Wow! My first set of runes. I‘ll try them out for sure. The herb and seal charm set is very beautiful too.

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